QRU Mobile Apps


Stock taking of items in a store or warehouse is comparing a list of expected number of items with an actual count.

QRU Inventory scans item barcodes and automates the tabulation of items based on a list of expected items and counts.

Compared to manually counting,the task of looking up the item on the list is eliminated and the probability of mistaking one item for another is minimized. 

QRU Ticketing

QRU Ticketing   is a promotional website/ electronic ticketing package for the Performing Artist and venues like Music Bars and Theaters.

Main Features:

1. Shows - Easy to schedule the manager just clicks on a date in the calendar and are prompted for the start and end time/date. Venue, promo image, contact person, number, and some desription are prompted.  The tickets are configurable and can be 1 of diffrent types (E.G. in a theater, we can charge for General Admission, balcony and loge tickets - same can be done here)  - An alternative would be to have diffrent ticket types per set. The package comes with an app to validate the tickets on site. 

daCapo Websites !


All sites are up and available but being improved : 

Raphael is a music themed, celebration (seasonal holidays like Christmas) and Catholic icons and imagery store. We specialize in metal collar pins and key chains, wooden figures from Life size to miniature, Resin Replicas. The products are currently sourced from the Philippines and delivered anywhere in Singapore. The custom order forms are available for wooden items, metal items amd resin.   We do have a small stock of ready made items for sale.  

We are currently in the midst of constructing an online catalog that will be available soon. 

This is a sample site for Restaurants and Music Theaters. It features  a loyalty program, online ticketing . private excvlusive online areas for patrons  and members that alow downloading of electronic goods - MP3s, videos, and photos.



This is a demo site for the Philippine National Red Cross Rizal Chapter. I am in talks with them to make this available live. The site allows online registration for Blood Donation Drives, Red Cross classes like First Aid, CPR and Life Saving.


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